Casca Akashova stepmom will steal your heart right away

Casca Akashova stepmom will steal your heart right away

Casca Akashova’s newest stepson, Nick is home alone. He is watching TV in the middle of the afternoon when someone knocks on the door. Waiting outside is his hot stepmom Casca Akashova. She’s dropping by to see her new husband Mike. She didn’t make a phone call before she went over. So she doesn’t know that Mike is out with his friends in the nearest strip club. Nick knew he had to lie to her hot stepmom, but he did it with a guilty conscience. He has no choice, but to protect his dad and to make sure that stepmom didn’t find out where really Mike is.

Nick tried to look confident and told Casca

that Mike is out grocery shopping and it might take a while until he gets back. Casca Akashova tells Nick that she’s going to wait. The way she’s dressed turns Nick’s brain into a mulch, and he can’t stop staring at her stunning cleavage. He’s the kind of man who’s talking to a woman’s tits. The kind of guy who inspired the tank top slogan, “My face is up here.”

We all understand what Mike is going through

if you imagine yourself seeing this hot stepmom in front of you, as her big tits staring back at you while you are trying to lie to her about your dad. However, Nick knew that it could take up hours until his dad is back and he needed to calm Casca down. He poured a strong drink for her, while they sat down and they started to talk. It did not take long until this big tits stepmom felt hot from the alcohol and slowly started undressing to fight the heat.

Well, the rest is history

Stepmom wants to see the house. The guided tour ends in the bedroom. Casca sees Nick as an easy conquest, a sucker for big tits, and decides to fuck him right then and there. She pushes him on the bed and rips his pants off. Not worried about his husband coming home unexpectedly, Casca Akashova doesn’t bother taking off her tight dress… Go check it out here!
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